Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Have you ever been to Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Anyone who has ever been there can confirm that the following statements are true:

  1.  It’s an unusual movie.  Don’t expect Titanic or some other award winning piece of cinema magic.
  2. It’s a lot of fun-especially if you go in a group and if you dress up, it’s more fun!
  3.  The more you participate, the more fun it is!  (Learn all of your prop and vocal prompts!)

Here’s a link to a video I made about it:

The video also shows parts of it which include a shadow cast.  A shadow cast is people who dance and lip synch along with the show on a stage in front of it so it seems more realistic.   Sometimes, they come into the audience area.


To me, the most fun part of Rocky Horror Picture Show is throwing things!  My video lists what you should bring to throw, though some theaters may not allow certain items for either reasons of safety or reasons of clean up.

Please watch my video and like it on Youtube!  Let me know about your Rocky Horror experiences.  If you haven’t been to it yet, let me know if I have convinced you to try it!


I Need Feedback!

Hi Everyone!

I’m still relatively young, so I don’t know a lot about Youtube.  This is my third season with a channel on Youtube.  I do fun things on most of my videos.  Mostly, they are for entertainment and to make people laugh or to inform them of things.  I have some serious videos on there too.  I try to make it where my videos aren’t boring, so my unusual sense of humor sometimes comes out in them!

Here is  my latest video.

I’m looking to you blog readers to please provide some feedback on my videos to help me improve! Even if you’re not familiar with Youtube, you know what you like and what ideas you might have to help me!


Thanks in advance!